Titanium with copper grips
Titanium with copper grips
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Titanium with copper grips

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 Titanium pen w/Copper

New version now comes with a clip.

Grip, tip and back: Copper 145

Body and cap: Ti 3AI-2.5V

Cap stows on back of pen with 3/4's of a turn.

Pen comes completely apart, all parts are threaded(no press parts)

Pilot G2 Refill included

Chrome and black clips listed on this website will fit.

Weight: 24.4grams or .86oz

O.D.: .375" or 9.53mm


Capped:5.020" or 127.51mm

Uncapped: 4.470" or 113.54mm

Cap stowed: 5.475" or 139.05mm


Pen Refills:

Pilot: G2

Signo: UMR-87E

Schmidt 9000(Parker Style) Protective plastic sleeve that comes on the refill needs to be cut to position the parker style refills. Cut at .600

Mont blanc Fine liner will fit, with minor trimming at the back end.

Schmidt Fine liner, The same as the Mont blanc refill doesn't require any modifications.

Probably fits many more style refills.

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